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On this platform, transport companies and their customers can assign and/or find Shipments to their requirements. Potential customers of ViTP marketplace are all carriers and their customers, that their business being according to B2B model here. For more information on this platform you can click Opens external link in new windowhere.


This transport company, All major business activities of transport companies can be online and efficiently performed on this platform, especially management of persons, carriers, transportation, and customer. Moreover, this platform offers also useful services for transport companies, such as Transport monitoring, maintenance of vehicles. For more information click Opens external link in new windowhere.


On this platform, transport companies can optimize their transport processes, from planning to implementation. This service is particularly useful for medium and large companies. For more information click Opens external link in new windowhere.

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Our portal ViTransPortal (ViTP) is a B2B model where its users are transport companies and their clients. ViTP contains three main platforms: Calendar, Marketplace, and Optimization.

The tendering and assigning procedures of transport orders can be realized on the platform ViTP-Marketplace. Customers assign tranport requests with all necessary data directly to carriers according to their own choice or leave their requests to transport on a blackboard open for all carriers. For every transport offer, which is successfully tendered and assigned on the platform, ViTP-Marketplace instantly and automatically generates a detailed confirmation for the relevant customer and carrier. Note that in this marketplace carriers can help each other by interchanging transport offers in a way that brings benefit to both sides.

On ViTP-Calendar, carriers can schedule their transport orders assigned by ViTP-Marketplace. Using an online calendar and maps, bookers of carriers can comfortably plan their transport process. Actually, the main part of the transport business can be done completely on ViTP-Calendar.

Optimization is the most complicated platform of ViTP. Here, the transport orders will be algorithmically pushed to transport tours according to important conditions so that the transport costs are minimized. Every successfully planned transport tour will be confirmed by the system. After that the corresponding carrier receives the bill of delivery.

Furthermore, ViTP can provide some useful services. For example, carriers as well as their clients can track their transport goods, and users of the system can retrieve the data saved by ViTP for their own business.


Some important services are listed as follows:

  •   Registration and application of profile
  •   Management of business data 
  •   Submission of transport requests
  •   Submission of transport offers
  •   Modification / cancellation of transport requests
  •   Searching and accepting transport request
  •   Create delivery schedule
  •   Making out bills of delivery
  •   Tracking / updating progress of transport
  •   Tracking transports
  •   Recall of business data for business intelligence
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