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On this platform, transport companies and their customers can assign and/or find Shipments to their requirements. Potential customers of ViTP marketplace are all carriers and their customers, that their business being according to B2B model here. For more information on this platform you can click Opens external link in new windowhere.


This transport company, All major business activities of transport companies can be online and efficiently performed on this platform, especially management of persons, carriers, transportation, and customer. Moreover, this platform offers also useful services for transport companies, such as Transport monitoring, maintenance of vehicles. For more information click Opens external link in new windowhere.


On this platform, transport companies can optimize their transport processes, from planning to implementation. This service is particularly useful for medium and large companies. For more information click Opens external link in new windowhere.

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The beginning

The project ViTransPortal which is the abbreviation of "Vietnam Transport Portal" will help increase freight efficiency in Vietnam.

Workshop Hanoi, 26/7/2012

Two workshops to introduce the idea of the project ViTransPortal was held at the University of Transport and Communications (UTC) Hanoi  on 26/07/2012 and by the Directorate of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City on 03/08/2012. By these workshops the founding team discussed on possible project-implementation with various enterprises, scientists and authorities.

Workshop in HCM City 3/8/2012

ViTransPortal, shortened by ViTP, contains modern platforms for transport companies and their customers. On these platforms, transport companies can complete all their main activities in transport management. The main function of these platforms focuses on the optimization of the transport planning. As a consequence, transport efficiency will increase and the participating enterprise's benefit and manufacturing business will be enhanced.

An important advantage of ViTransPortal is the minimization of the investment in equipment and personnel costs. Associated to the concerned functions, ViTP archives the used data and gives them to business intelligence. ViTP can be accessed by personal computers, tablets or smartphones connected to the internet.

The target group of ViTP includes transport companies, industrial factories, and trade chains that require to transport goods. In order to use our services you have to register to ViTP. Detailed information on ViTP and its technical manual can be found Opens internal link in current windowhere.

The project board is pleased to invite you to join ViTransPortal.

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