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On this platform, transport companies and their customers can assign and/or find Shipments to their requirements. Potential customers of ViTP marketplace are all carriers and their customers, that their business being according to B2B model here. For more information on this platform you can click Opens external link in new windowhere.


This transport company, All major business activities of transport companies can be online and efficiently performed on this platform, especially management of persons, carriers, transportation, and customer. Moreover, this platform offers also useful services for transport companies, such as Transport monitoring, maintenance of vehicles. For more information click Opens external link in new windowhere.


On this platform, transport companies can optimize their transport processes, from planning to implementation. This service is particularly useful for medium and large companies. For more information click Opens external link in new windowhere.

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Welcome to ViTP!

In recent years, Vietnam's transport sector was continuously and rapidly growing into one of the most important branches of Vietnam's economy. Among the main divisions of Vietnam's transport sector, such as road, rail, sea, and air cargo, the road based transport claims the biggest market share. According to data from Vietnam's General Statistics Office, the road cargo's market share is 72% and 70.6% of the total cargo transport in 2008 and in 2009, respectively. However, most transport companies in Vietnam are small and their communication system is primitive, slow and complicated. Hence the performance of transport is very low, while production in general and transport in particular are relatively expensive. This is the main feature of all difficulties and challenges that Vietnam's transport companies encounter now.

On this website we present you our project ViTransPortal (short: ViTP) which is a useful IT-solution for optimizing the tranport business of Vietnam's enterprises.

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